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    Come on i think that the Moderators at the moment should talk about this, and seeing as no one else has raised there hands to Moderate that particular Forum, i think that Memory should be the person who should do it..!
    Like he said, he's always gonna be here no matter were he is..
    He's told us what he'd do once it was put into effect, and there isn't anyone against this idea..
    So i think that this ball should be put into Motion..
    Well that's just my idea anyhow..


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    Oct 2003
    I would like to also Nominate Memory..!
    He's already helped me out so much since i've been a member here, and i think that the way that he handles situation defiantly makes him Moderator material..
    even if it was for that particual Forum only, i know i would feel comfortable with Memory watching in the back ground so to speak..
    As he's a very very patient person and he will find a way to relate to a person if they are playing up, he won't tell 'em off, i know that he'd simply warn them to watch what they say..
    And i know that he'd also help with as much as he could..
    Anyhow that's my rant done


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    Well thats the way to do it, guess its up to intmon and the powers that be now.

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    What about me a mod??



    I certainly think that this idea would certainly be a good edition to the AO site.

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    Hey i'd love my good friend MemorY to be a mod of the new forum
    He is cool and trustworhy and a nice guy

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    then i guess all we need to do now is put up a request to Intmon..
    And hopefully they will realise that Memory would make a great asset to the AO Community as a Mod..


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    Well i guess you guys should do that, it would be pathetic if i would do the request myself. Explain to him why you want the new forum and everyhting, Don't just say one line.

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