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    Linux download

    If linux really is free is there some place on the net where i can download mandrake linux for free legallly(which version would be better).Would be glad if i could get some working links asi didnt find any when i searched

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    you can go to www.linuxiso.org that has the most linux downloads. you might want to check out the links since linuxiso doesnt do a very good job of explaining how to install Linux. it should say on the site what version of Mandrake you will want, if you cant find out go to www.justlinux.com
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    You can download Mandrake Linux right from there site at http://www.linuxmandrake.com as well, a very sweet site as Deimos326 said is http://www.linuxiso.org it has many, many great distros avalable there. And, while you're at it, check out http://www.distrowatch.com

    I suggest either Mandrake or SuSE if you're quite new to Linux, as you seem to be quite new to Linux (No offence. :-D) Anyways, good luck with you're Linux endevours... I still remember my first Linux install...

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    www.mandrake.org perhaps?
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    I've found that Mandrake isn't that good. There are some frequent bugs, such as screen refreshes (which are done poorly) and it's difficult to switch between KDE and GNOME. I suggest going with a more stable version such as SUSE.

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    thanks everyone for the help i found download files.But i wish someone could tell me a better & fater way 4 ftp download than the current offline explore that i use

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