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Thread: The Language of Unix

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    The Language of Unix

    This question may be known by many, or maybe few, but all I knows is that I do not. What I am talking about is if anybody knows what computer language unix was written in, and if it was "open-source" how somebody would edit it. Thanks!

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    AFAIK, Unix was written in C. you would edit it by getting the source code and just editing it. i guess you could find the source code on google.

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    Open Source operating systems usually include their source code on one of the disks if you purchased it or as an additional download.
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    For future reference, this doesn't belong in the Tutorial's forum, as it is a question and not a tutorial. No negs this time, just be more aware in the future.

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    Well like slick8790 said:
    AFAIK, Unix was written in C
    Yes Unix was written in C that's why a lot of people will tell you that Unix and C go hand-in- hand. Which of course makes a lot of sense.

    If your interested in learning more about it click the link below:
    The Creation of the UNIX* Operating System

    It will give you a better understanding of how Unix was created and how it works...
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