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Thread: Aim Profile Spyware

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    Aim Profile Spyware

    I've kinda been assigned as the designated Aim profile fixer-upper in my dorm, and so far I've seen these spywares attatching themselves to profiles-

    buddypicture.net <--- seems to be new

    I googled for a download that would remove talkstocks automatically, but I got virus warnings. I was wondering what procedures were being used by any AntiOnline victims that can be deemed successful? I don't wanna get friggin netbus on my pc again, that was scary enough.

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    Have you tried using Ad-aware and Spybot?
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    Adaware - click
    Spyware Blaster - click
    Spybot S&D - click

    Ok, Ive been told that Talkstocks adds a registry code, so you can go to DiamondCS and get RegProtect

    And all of the spyware sites only work in IE so tell the guys that were infected to use a different browser -
    Heres a list-
    There both free - Theres alot more, but make sure your not downloading Internet Explorer Wrappers because they pretty much allow the same scripts that Internet Explorer allows.

    Most of those sites use VB to put the spyware on your computer, so ScriptDefender might catch this. Get it from AnalogX

    Theres some other stuff you might want to look into.
    If everything fails, you can always uninstall AIM and delete all of it's registry keys

    Have fun

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