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    Just a quick suggestion.

    I have noticed recently the influx of international members, many of them speak english, some of them are challenged to express it in a post.

    I think this is unfortunate as it shows a language barrier withing AO. Would it not be great to have a multi languge translation console, for ppl. to express themselves regarless of their country of origin?

    As the world changes, more and more people are gaining access to cyberspace. Many of them with skills. It would be a shame to lose both new, and potential members due to the difference in language.

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    That's a really good idea. How about having a group of people on AO translate the AO Newsletter to different languages? Some languages come to mind: Spanish , French, German, Portuguese, Italian and I cant think of others at the moment. Ms.M could ask people what languages they would like the Newsletter translated to. Then next you choose a group of 5 or 6 people who would work together on different pieces of the article.

    Note :: It would be quite a huge undertaking to do this but I think that it can be done if a group of people could work together.

    I speak spanish and would help with whatever I could. This is just my own opinion and nothing more. What do you guys think ??
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    As well as being a challenge there would be the incentive of people learning English to translate something and thus improve etc.

    So anybody need the Newsletter translated as Gaeilge?

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