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Thread: spybot & www.outwar.com (warning: do not visit outwar.com)

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    spybot & www.outwar.com

    have to post this again, cant seem to find my old post

    i got spybot for adwares, is it good?

    & www.outwar.com/blabla always pops up in IE every time i turn on my pc

    i cant find anyth on msconfig --> startup that seems to b responsible for it

    any help?


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    Spybot is pretty decent. I removed your previous post since other members might get infected by clicking on the link (put a warning beside the link please).

    You might want to check IE's home page. You might also need to check the registery. Do you have AV software?


    I've altered the title to warn users about outwar itself.

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    My apologys to you ominous if you read my post in your last thread , many people try and sucker others into clicking on outwar links to up there points in a game and screw people like you with their hijackers. Have you tried using the advanced options on spybot? (should be in your main menu) http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ is also worth trying. If it is a very new hijacker you may need to use "hijack this" http://mjc1.com/mirror/hjt/ . IF you use "hijack this" do not delete anything , just post the log at www.cexx.org (in the forums) and someone will be able to tell you what exactly needs to be deleted.
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    You might like to look at:

    http://www.webattack.com/get/hostadmin.html This is an "easy" Windows "Hosts" management tool.

    Also when using SpyBot S&D take the "Immunise" option to prevent the stuff getting on your machine in the first place.

    lumpyporridge has pointed you to Lavasoft who do "Ad-Aware" 6.0. This is another product that complements SpyBot. WARNING if you use SpyBots advanced options to block browser hi-jacking and changes to IE from within IE (changes have to be made via Control Panel) Ad-Aware will report two entries as malware. They aren't, they are these two security features in SpyBot

    Also with the Hosts Administrator, some defence mechanisms will register stuff in here (Spyware Guard/Spyware Blaster?) These entries point to which is an internal loop. This is quite safe and intentional so don't remove them; the entries effectively block the malware from "phoning home"

    Hope that this helps...........Good Luck!

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    Lightbulb Free detection and removal instructions

    A free detection script can be found at http://www.doxdesk.com This script is a very nice beginning point, and has a very comprehensive list of spyware and parasites. Plus, it runs as a javascript that simply detects whatever plugins are installed on the browser, and which ones have been registered as spyware/parasites. Its free, doesn't require an installation of anything, and is updated frequently. Can't ask for more than that, huh?
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    I'm a bit fan of hijackthis.. and as lumpy implied out, you don't just delete everything you see.
    there's a good tutorial to be found at http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/htlogtutorial.html

    Turing.. thanks for your link but I'm a bit confused..
    I'm assuming you meant the java script found here.

    wouldn't this just be for pages on your own site ?

    Now since no one has mentioned this yet.. I found that using IE-spyad is a good way to enter malious sites to your IE restricted zone.. not sure if outwar.com is one that has been included.
    you can find IE-spyad here .

    and let's not forget putting entries into your hosts file... although Steven Martin (smartin-designs) doesn't maintain/update the hosts file anymore, you can still get a list of sites that do maintain it at http://www.smartin-designs.com/

    edit : oops.. I see that nihil already mentioned info on the hosts file..

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