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Thread: PcAnyWhere version 9(and above)

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    PcAnyWhere version 9(and above)

    I was just wondering something about Symantec's software called PcAnyWhere.
    Im running a host at home, and waiting to be called by a friend. And when my friend living 2 stairs up is calling to it, i want the application to notify me first.
    Something like: " IP# is trying to connect... Do you want to accept incoming request? YES /NO"

    Is it possible to do? Maybe its a built-in option but i haven't found any.

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    you can do that using a personal firewall like agnitum outpost or tiny. these will give you the option of always accepting incomming requests form this ip address or allowing only this once. with the latter you'll be asked every time. pcAnywhere does not have this option built in
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    Might want to try Remote Admin from http://www.famatech.com/
    It has the wanted features... and it is cheeper than PC Anywhere
    with better security functions.
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    I would like to add in a couple cents here,

    I would NOT suggest using PC Anywhere, it has a major security flaw. They use extremely weak encryption on the initialation transmition. (unless you use the option to use a public key encryption)

    So weak in fact that with about 15 lines of DOS basic code, that has been posted on numorous sites, you can pull out the unencrypted username and password being used to initiate the connection.

    (Of course the is in regard to current versions, ver 7 and before sent the username/password in clear text with NO encryption)


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