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Thread: high pitched sound from monitor

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    Question high pitched sound from monitor

    Hi guys!

    Has anyone encountered their monitor suddenly emitted a high-pitched sound then after a few minutes it went silent?

    I have been experiencing this intermittent incident on the computer monitor (Princeton 15" monitor) that I bought some two years ago, for quite some time now. My computer wasn't running any diagnostic applications or any software that might cause to emit a high-pichted sound from the back of the monitor.

    Any idea what might have caused it or better yet, any suggestion on how it I can resolve it other than waiting for it to tone down or go lower than the human ear could hear?

    Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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    since it's intermittent it won't be related to what resolution/frequency you may be running it at.. as you can get this type of noise from "overdoing" what a monitor can handle. In your case, it's probably a faulty HV transformer.. the windings on these are laminated and due to heat/age/vibration parts of the laminatons have deteriorated.. in other words, you'd need to get a qualified service rep to fix it for you.. or buy a new new one as the cost of the transformer and paying someone to replace it will almost equal the cost of a new monitor..

    for now, just give it a slight "whack" on the side to stop it.. don't "whack" it too hard.. LOL

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