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    would any of you guys suggest Netzero SpeedDial for someone like me who can't afford DSL or broadband?

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    lol lemme put it this way....did you ever wonder why 'zero' is included in the netzero lol
    my friend had it once and it is very very slow lol...i suggest aol dial-up if you cant afford it...but then again for $6 more you can get SBC Yahoo dsl...I have it and its great...you also have to check that DSL is avaiable in your area that is if you decide to take the DSL...Dunno it all depends on what you need/want and how much you can afford
    Hope this helped a bit


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    scriptkiddie... why in the world would you ever suggest AOHELL.. ?

    "NOTZERO" and "JUNKO" (juno) both run by UOL these days also suck.. imho

    If you're looking for a lost cost provider go to http://www.freedomlist.com/ then go to their forum at http://www.freedomlist.com/forum/ and then see this thread

    deathmetal.. I'll send you a pm with some suggestions..

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    There is no such thing as High Speed Dial-up.

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    The way that the "high-speed" dial ups work is by compressing parts of the transmission. There isn't much noticeable difference. All downloads, and streaming anything remain the same speed. I have bee running NetZero for a while, I have no problem with it. It's faster than alot of the providers out there.

    I keep netzero around for when I visit family or whatever, at home I'm running a "borrowed" DSL line. I love my neighbors.
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    hehe.. Memory.. ok, how about "higher speed" dialup ?

    there is such a thing known as multi-linking modems or also known as "shotgunning" where you have two modems connecting together to achieve a 112k connection.. (more like around 104k) but the hitch there is you need two phone lines (twice the phonebill) and your isp must support it.

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