Hi, All this stuff, long way out of my depth. But I'm not really concerned. I'm a technician by trade and a tech by nature. I know what I need to know and realisticly with the state of the internet at the moment I need to know more.

I have nothing against linux users, needed to say that cuase I have a habit of arguing about linux things.

I have nothing against non tech orientated people. Cuase tech is a cruddy job thats extremely underpaid and overworked. SO I can understand why you all got cushy software positions

I have nothing against Microsoft Or Bill Gates.. although I'm possibly the only person in this category I am firmly seated upon the fact that he's out there to make money, and just becuase he's a whole lot better at it than me dosn't mean I should hate him. I should probably just plot to overthrow his Evil Empire in the year 2009 cuase I can't see anyone else with the financial capital to stop him.

I'm hoping to learn a good deal about wireless networking Both software and security wise as well as hardware. Myself and quite a few people in my small community are quite interested in setting up a large scale wireless network and I cannot see in theory why it can't be done. So, I'm here to learn what I need to know.

Don't hate me, I'm only a geek