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    Question Auto-linking

    I'm in the process of re-desiging my site (www.NintendoGeneration.com) and one thing that I would really like to do is automatically have certain words automatically create links to given URLs.

    I could create a program in C++ that would go ahead and modify the code before I do anything, but I would have to re-compile it everytime I added a new link/hot-word (building an external list is a bit too complicated for the new authors, I believe..."The syntax...its confusing!" "Shut up!")

    Do you guys know of anything like this? I intend to continue using HTML for now, my pursuits are a bit filled, and I don't feel like learning PHP ....let me know if you all can think of anything. :-D
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    You mean you want to have a short script that will go through the entered text and chanage exact words to a hrefs? For example your enter "Hi everyone here" and the script will make "hi everyone < a href='nintendo.com.... "?

    If so then my only idea how to do this is in php A short script with preg_replace - function that go through entered text and change selected words...
    More can be found here.

    It's pretty simple so maybe it can help you. If you have any problems feel free to write to me - maybe I can help you with this script


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