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Thread: the matrix

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    the matrix

    who here likes hte matrix. i think that is if not hte best one of hte best series of movies. reloaded and revolutions were more of the war and the first was more of just the intro. i liked neo and how keanu reeves played him.

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    The first movie kicked total ass, but the other two were just capitalizing off the first in my opinion. And aparently the game sucked too. But yet people still spent money to go see them and play it. I know I did, even after multiple reviews and friends told me it sucked as much ass as the first one kicked.

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    The first was an ok film, though philosophical its highly overrated and I'm sure many people entering first year in my college are studying philosophy from a developing interest that began with The Matrix which is good I guess. Second film was horrible and didnt bother with the third and wont.

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    Slightly off topic I am afraid.

    In answer to the question: #1= good, #2= mediocre, #3= crap.

    But isn't this the usual case with movies? I find this thread interesting, because it seems to be asking this question?

    Why can an author write book after book that are of equal stature? why can TV series be continued with the same quality and level of interest? yet I cannot think of a single sequel movie that lived up to its predecessor?

    This is strange to me.


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    I haven't played the game but I've followed the story line.

    Animatrix, Matrix, Reloaded, Revolutions and though one of the movies clearly better than the rest (IMHO) but the whole story was great. /Spoiler on I mourned Trinity and Neo but hey in an epic battle that big everybody isn't going to live happily ever after. /Spoiler off.

    Instead of looking at the movies as sequels, look at them as chapters in a story.

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    i just liked the first one, but for really good movies watch Scarface(Al Pacino) and Blow(Jhonny Deep and Penelope Cruz) Those movies Rule

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    I cannot think of a single sequel movie that lived up to its predecessor?
    Actually The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was better than the first.

    But that was based on a book.

    The Lethal Weapon series never stopped being funny. They were all as good as the first. The Police Academy series was equally good.
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    which is worse? another "matrix" thread or another "who here likes <insert something here> thread"???
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    both of them are worse

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