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Thread: Out of system rescources when copying???

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    Out of system rescources when copying???

    I keep getting an error when using a utility called Total Copy. It says that there isnt enough system rescources to continue the copy... I have been running a 'diagnostic' and have found that this can be temporarily fixed by dumping most of the system cache... This only seems to work a few times for bigger copies (have to restart if it doesnt), but works seemingly indefinatley for ones that are less than about 800 meg. When I get the error on larger transfers and I hit resume to try to get it to work; the kernel time skyrockets to about 50 - 80% for around 8-12 seconds. While any copy is in progress the system cache slowly fills up; once it gets to about 500 meg it pops up the error (this is when I dumb system cache). I havent the slightest clue as to what kind of 'rescource' it is talking about or how to fix this.

    P4 2.4Ghz HT (overclocked sucessfully and stable-like to 2.99)
    1024Meg DDR (3 sticks 2 256 and one 512)
    80Gig HDD (unknown brand)
    GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X
    Misc: SCSI card and a tape backup device, external USB2 HDD, external dvd RAMdrive.
    Win XP Pro (completely patched)
    VS.Net (full)
    and the usual other appz...

    Thanx in advance guys!
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    Maybe WinXP is not properly handling the memory. Remember Intel giveth and Microsoft Taketh away. It may be trying to dump some of the information you have on the clipboard into virtual memory, even though you have enough memory to support the copy. MS programs are known for being memory hogs, so you may still have a memory problem. It is just a thought. You haven't made any configuration changes to the virtual memory have you?
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    Try manually setting your virtual memory to 2Gb and see what happens.

    Obtain/download one of those memory manager tools and use it to monitor what is happening...I am suspecting a memory leak here?

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    LOL. Your right... I needa stop lying >: ). In response to sysmin770 i had already done that... as you probably know the windows philosophy is to have 2.5 times as much SWAP file space as the amount of physical RAM that you have... I just go twice the amount and havent had any problems... Besides this program takes no Virtual Memry at all for the actual copy process, just about 2 meg for itself. This problem is really making me mad. Also i forgot to mention that I am not copying large files but ALOT of smaller files (500k+ in about 5gig) how might this affect things considering that When I copy lotsa larger files I never get this probles. Does windows keep a record in RAM of each file that is copied? Thanx... *sigh*

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