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Thread: Fake finger server with logging capabilities?

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    Fake finger server with logging capabilities?

    I remembered seeing on here a while back that somebody had posted a very basic shell script or batch file (cant remember which) that was basically a fake finger server with logging. I'm just now getting into shell scripting and the like so I'm going to attempt (most likely poorly) to "speak in code". Basically I want to have a finger server listening on port 79. when it gets a connection I want it to log the IP and send them a message of my choosing showing them their IP.

    I was thinking something like this. Forgive me, I'm a noob at this stuff. I'm still learning basic shell syntax, and I love it. I'm also typing this at school. Night classes bore me so I've been thinking this one up. Yeah, thats right, I've learned enough to "put it together" (albeit not a working implementation) I probably would have done away with most of this jargon through trial and error, but I'm on a windows box.


    $FINGER= "/etc/local/fingerserver_wherever_it_may_be" ;
    $INTRUDER= "netstat -a inet | grep TCP 79" ;


    echo "$INTRUDER" >> /usr/var/log/fingerlog


    echo "cat /usr/var/log/fingerlog | last" << send output of file back over the socket?

    I dunno, I'm wanting to learn, and this is my "teach your god damn self" kinda project. I would just like a few friendly pointers and whatnot. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Don't know why you want to reinvent the wheel. Unless you are doing this just to learn.

    Look at rfingerd by James Seng

    James Seng, Logging fingerd in PERL
    Keywords: fingerd, loggin, rfc931
    Abstract: This finger deamon is written in perl to do addition logging into a file called /var/log/trap/fingerd. It contain additional information like who is at the other end of the connect (via rfc931 : read authuser), who does he/she finger and any other information which his send through the finger port. It is programmed to deny chain fingering, and stop immediately if it detects special symbol like "|<>..." in the input stream. It can be easily modified to filter out information, deny fingering of certain person, deny fingering from certain host, filter finger information etc without the trouble of recompilation since it is written in perl.


    Either way, his code should help you out. Even if you do just want to create your own.
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