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Thread: Search Engine Cannot Find...

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    Search Engine Cannot Find...

    I just completed a website for the lady down the street, but I can't find it through any search engine. I even put in the 500 most commonly searched keywords and still cannot find it.


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    ok nice list you have there :s

    ahve ytou checked http://teamplus.net/ its a complete ly diferent website in some other lenguage

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    How could that have happened? I did not pick the name, I just helped her with the design and html.

    oh, they are TeamPlus not TeamsPlus

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    Smile Delete that list;)

    Hey, it is really not good idea to make keywords list so large. AFAIK the google will penalize you for such long list so your chances to be seen are less than zero.

    There are two types of search engines: the first type goes through the internet and search for new sites. Second type has it own database and the you can add data into this database manually - simply go to their page and choose something like add link, add url or somethnig like this.

    So i think that you should do this:

    1. Add you page to some search engines in that you can add your page - I'm not sure but maybe altavista.com for example...
    2. You cannot add your page in google. Google has its own searching engine and if your page will appear depends on many things - if other people have links to your site on their pages, name of your site, etc... So the only way is have good content and the google will find you)
    3. Delete your keywords list! And make it shorter - for example six word that really desribe you pages...


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    Try submitting your website to search engines... Most search engines have a page for submissions (Google, AltaVista, ect). There are also many services that do this for you. Try putting "Search Submission Services" in Google.

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    You cannot add your page in google. Google has its own searching engine and if your page will appear depends on many things - if other people have links to your site on their pages, name of your site, etc... So the only way is have good content and the google will find you)
    not true.....you can submit your site to google and it is then added to their list of sites to spider
    but i agree that your keywords list is way too long - most search engines will penalise now for that kind of thing - same as filling your first page with _hidden_ text. This use to be common practice - like at the bottom of the page placing alot of junk words which have no relevance to the site and setting the font color same as background so does not appear.

    The only way of getting site(s) seen now and ranked well is to use precise keywords which are relevant to your site
    have a good meta description which highlights the content of the site well

    try to include as much of the description also in the text at the top of your site as the closer to the top it is the more likly it is to be spidered before anyother non-sense content.

    submit the site to every available search engine - there is software/websites which allow you to automate this

    write a good robots.txt file - search for my post on the matter in the websecurity forum ( i think - its on AO somewhere )

    or if you really want a high ranking pay for it - most/all search engine s now offer the ability to purchase premium listings which gaurantee your site is spidered quickly and that you get priority rating when a relevant search is done


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    Another way to get listed on search engines is put a ton of pages at the root of your site with descriptions of your site with links to your real site. This means that the spiders will keep seeing you name in these pages and the hyperlink to your main page.

    Remember that just cause you have a fancy listed doesn't mean that you will automatically be the top listing.

    But good list


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    A mind full of questions has no room for answers

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