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    v_Ln said that he was going to write an u[pdated FAQ so i thought i'll give it a show so i copied the FAQ to a text file and started to read and make some small modifications i saw until i read this
    This assignment will not be anonymous, which means that the user will know that you are the one that gave them positive or negative AntiPoints.
    Then i noticed that they did update the FAQ except the 45 post get you custom avatar thing, im not sure but many of us think it's 10 and more posts. So im just saying if you can edit that avatar-post thing in the FAQ it will be fully updated.

    If you want a copy of my "modified FAQ" i attached it to this thread.

    v_Ln you don't to write another one since it has been updated already.

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    This is very complete, i think it should be suggested that the newbies before registering download the text file and as a requirement fill out a survey or some sort of thes prior their been able to post.

    Thanks MemorY , Nice work

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    thanks MemorY saves me the effort


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