hi, im new here, can someone help me out with a problem i have. i was helping my friend with his new computer, he knows nothign about comp's as for me i know a little. well his brand new computer was lagging more then expected. i mean he has had it for 4 days...well his computer takes a while to start up, i mean an unusualy long time, + his programs run slow. he has a P4 2.6 Gig cpu so it cant be that. well i was lookin threw his msconfig and his start up folder and this was in it <tgkll.exe>. i looked it up and i found out it was installed when he programmed his modem<comcats subscriber w/motorola modem>. i also read that it is a resource hog and other such things. should i delete all entris for this .exe and all findings in the registry??