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Thread: too much forwarded traffic.

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    too much forwarded traffic.

    Ive been testing various sniffers on my local 3 computer LAN. On my linux box, I set it up to capture the data going from my windows machine by spoofing myself as the gateway and then forwarding to the real destination.

    I use the tool fragrouter to forward all traffic. The problem is, it acts more like a DoS attack because it seems that too much bandwidth is trying to get through, so in effect there are a lot of dropped connections on my windoz box.

    I dont quite understand some of the switches of fragrouter, except I used the basic -B1 switch. So this may be the problem but I cant find anymore info on it.

    So two questions:
    Is there any other way to make my linux box forward traffic w/o so much packet loss? Maybe mess with the kernel a wee bit?

    Is there some kind of filter I could use so it woudlnt' only capture and forward worthwhile traffic, such as Telnet,FTP,SNMP, etc. Thus not being flooded w/ so much traffic.

    thanks again fellas

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    Why don't youn make it simpler. use a sniffer on the PC that plays the router role.
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