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    DNS Hosting Help

    Okay so I registered my domain name and have my apache set up. Before I considered using a real domain name I was using DYNDNS to give me dynamic hosting through them. Thus my address was (myhostname).dyndns.com. Now I want to send my page to my domain name. DYNDNS has a custom DNS service that will link my IP to my domian, but the service isn't free: it is $25.

    I want to know if this is the only route or is there another? If so then another question is so help setting up ddclient ( a program that keeps my IP updated with the nameserver). Thanks.

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    This is pretty cut and dry. You aren't going to get something for nothing. Your choices are:

    1) Use an IP address. It's free, but also a pain in the ass.
    2) Dynamic DNS, which you already know is free but comes with the caviet that you must have the dyndns domain suffix. However, as you also know, for a fee, they will provide DNS services to make your site appear to have nothing to do with the dynamic DNS service.
    3) Traditional hosting. You pay someone for a domain, then inform your provider to propigate the DNS record. Typically, unless you get a static IP address, this can also be a large pain to manage.

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    Did you know .tk domain names are free?! Check out: http://my.dot.tk/
    They'll add a pop-up but you can remove that by going to my DotTk -> My marketing
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    Lansing_Banda - Does your registrar not provide DNS?

    I know mine does - but even so I have changed my DNS provider to ZoneEdit - www.zoneedit.com

    I assume you know the IP addy though.

    Anyhow, you'll need to know a bit about zone files and whatnot, but all the help you need is on the site.

    Sign up for a free account and off you go.




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    Well, I guess I'll just shell out the $25 for a year of DYNDNS custom hosting. Thanks guys.
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