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    Yea it's hard to find good things anymore on those there p2p networks. Is it really so weird to want to have a film where a woman performs sexual acts on a sheep? come on now, i couldnt even find that on kazaa.
    "When in doubt, use Brute Force."

    Never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

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    Someone said something about script kiddes and virrii on IRC. Unfortunately I cannot deny the Viral problem, but find another pier to pier that isn't likewise infected. IRC has to be one of the least dangerous. As for script kiddies over the past 5 years i have come to the opinion.

    It's an honour amongst thieves system.

    Nobody messes with me becuase I dont say anything unless it's worth saying. Most script kiddies know that IRC has real hackers on there, and only the very stupid ones will attack someone they don't at least have a small understanding on. Nobody attacs anybody becuase there t afraid that somebody could be somebody who actually knows what he's doing.

    Keep your head down and do what you've gotta do, script kiddies will likely pass you over,

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    Although new to this board, I would like to share something that doesnt seem to come up very often. On several occasions, I have found a cd that I own which has scratches and other surface blemishes on it that prevent playback. Now, since I own the cd, I have already paid for those songs, or rather the right to own the songs and play them back on whatever media I choose. Seems right anyway. So, in this instance, I would use a P2P or other method to download a "free" song to replace the one on my cd that wont play. Seeing as how I own the song, it should follow that I should be able to download the song again and again if I so choose, doesnt it?

    And taking that a step further, lets say that I go to a low-quality, used cd store and buy a crappy cd from the discount shelf for a dollar that has so many scratches on it that none of the songs will play. Are we following here? And then I use a P2P to download all of the songs for "free" again, because the ones that I now own wont play. So, in effect, I "legally" downloaded an entire cd for the original dollar I paid for it.

    Anyone else out there following this logic? Not that one should do this, but staying within the realm of the law, isnt this possible? Could one use this method, and have a defense in court? I do believe so.

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    Unfortunately Stay Strong that is completely illegal.

    I don't know why but it is.

    There are a great deal of strange little cluases and loops within the rule that tells you no to pirateing etc.. that mean realisticly if you actually use the cd you bought, they could probably get you anyway. And thats just if your using it personally. To use it for bussiness purpose is almost a joke. Ranging from playing it in your office or on a PBX to DJ'ing and radio the rules seem bizarly frought with .... crap meaning did anyone read the Microsoft UELAbullshite thing, thats what we deal with in every day life by opening the things we buy. And the old line is ignorance is no excuse for the law. Logic equelling law is like politicians making sense. It aint gonna happen

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