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Thread: Help Me! Im Confused!!!

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    Hey folks...if u cant help the kid...no need for wise ass comments . I'd love to help you buddy but my I'm not a good teacher.... Btw...who told slick that most of the knowledgable members here were self taught. Assumption is dangerous my friend . Ok...ejd, here's a good place to start: www.happyhacker.org. Although its not as up-to-date...it will give you some grounds to start on. If mittens has the time, she would be your best bet to ask questions to. She's a college proffessor who knows a lot in her field. Also, check her new Tutorials that she has written here in AO. They talk about Wargaming (Legaly )

    GOod luck

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    my humble opinion: if u r interested in so many things u don't have a clue where to start, that's bad. think of 2 or 3 subjects and start there. read & experiment on that subjects and then carry on. but i know what u should avoid: getting bored too fast. cause if that happens 2 u (as 2 most 'gifted' -or whatever-) u'll end up knowing very little about a lot of things, and that won't be of any use if u want 2 become an expert. so, my advise, read and experiment but focusing on 1 or 2 subjects (example: network protocols -start there! and then pick one, for instance ftp, ssh or http, i don't know.) and forget about a mentor: study and learn by yourself. that's the only way 2 truly learn.
    cheers. consoleknight.

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    Like everyone is saying, security is a HUGE topic, but I recommend you start by learning networking (re.; TCP/IP, protocols, etc) if you dont know already. It's the core you need. Additionally, knowing how operating systems work and how system administrators manage them will help as well.

    On the basic networking info, here's one site with some good links (there are lots but this is not bad):

    Understanding the OSI 7 Layer Model Tutorial - http://www.pcsupportadvisor.com/t04124.htm
    TCP/IP Tutorial - http://www.pcsupportadvisor.com/c04100.htm

    I have done a lot of research into Social Engineering that I can help you with - here's my post with some good papers:

    Valhallen posted some good stuff here on SA - http://www.antionline.com/showthread...al+engineering

    Happy reading...

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    Yeah, really happyhacker.org is THE place for newbies.
    BTW: if you just look hard enough and read everything it will all start to make sense.
    The above sentences are produced by the propaganda and indoctrination of people manipulating my mind since 1987, hence, I cannot be held responsible for this post\'s content - me


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    Congratulations to everyone who flamed a 14 year old. You must be very proud.

    ejd1: I think Ric-o is on the right track. Start with TCP/IP it is the well spring from which the internet flows.

    \"If computers are to become smart enough to design their own successors, initiating a process that will lead to God-like omniscience after a number of ever swifter passages from one generation of computers to the next, someone is going to have to write the software that gets the process going, and humans have given absolutely no evidence of being able to write such software.\" -Jaron Lanier

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    You know what? I was just going to say something to the effect like "You really shouldn't be using that sort of language when replying to a 14 year old kid" but didn't want to start anything. Sorry off-topic.

    Everything I know is due to years of scouring the internet (and Antionline) starting with firewalls and virus protection. That really was my jumping off point.(how pathetic was that? lol) YOu need to concentrate on one thing at a time or you will get really confused, which I have done :-). Still have lots to learn though. Also, as I've seen here, people like to give the advice "READ UNTIL YOUR EYES BLEED" lol

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    Reading is good, but stay the hell away from that happy hacker bullshit. Carolyn Meinel is a menace. Her misinformation and arrogance destroy any chance of education through that site.

    Search the forums and read books.

    The key to understanding security is not in learning how to do an exploit, but in learning "why" that exploit worked. Ask _why_ a buffer overflow can be used to execute code, the individual exploit is only a small part. You learn far more that way.

    BTW: if I don't make sense, it's because I've been drinking...
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    because of the huge range of subjects you really need to think about which area you want to learn.
    you say you know HTML and bits of php - do you like designing? then you could focus on that area....which is what i did I started off wanting to know everything about computers but if you try to leanr everything you just end up knowing a lil about alot of things and not alot of any on thing.

    say you did choose webdesign - you could learn HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc but that also branches of into other things like graphic design, Flash & animation, 3d modeling - and thjose will then branch of further.

    what am trying to say is pick something you like an area which really intrests you and learn the core elements of it. Then once you have discovered what limitations there are with what you have learned - branch of and learn something that will allow you to go beyond the original limitations and so on.


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    dude i no wot ur going thru i'm trying 2 teach my self but there is not many books apart from "http 4 dummies" in northern england!!!
    i'm also 14 and obsessed wit' computers (dont no much yet though)
    the other day i asked my it teacher how to use telnet
    he just gave me a glazed over look and said you dont need 2 no tht at ur age!?!
    my god teachers are paraniod


    and she said to me "you should be a leader not a follower"
    I replied "if everyone were leaders there would be chaos, I am a soldier"

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    I want to be a doctor can anyone help? It's all confusing, let's see there is cardiology, genetics, immunology, allergy, pharmacology, endocrinology and metabolism, gastroenterology and hepatology, geriatric, hematology, infectious disease, internsive care, oncology, nephrology, nuerology, nuclear medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, psychiatry, etc...! it's all confusing and there are so many text books that I was hoping someone would tutor me in basic medicine.

    Perhaps I could start by learning the basics of say nuerology. I always wanted to make an evil mind control device. So if you could point me to maybe... an area of headache, blackout, coma, dizziness, confusion, poor memory, pins and needles, weakness, (or the best) involunatary movement - I could get started on my diobolical zombie army right away!

    Or if that is not too enticing, how about moving on to transplanting the brain into unsuspecting pre-zombie induced replicants from genetic research you could teach me??? he he he he he - perhaps you can take me under your wing and explain to me, in simple form, how to investigate CT or MRI scans of the brain and spinal cord. Then perhaps direct me toward duplex ultrasonography, spinal CT angiography, MR angiography, EEG, electromyography and nerve conduction studies, evoked potential studies, myelography and invasive digital subtraction cerebral angiography. YES! That should get me started on fiendish plots to world dominion through mad science!

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