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Thread: windows rant

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    Blast From the Past
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    Jan 2003

    Angry windows rant

    i hate windows
    sorry for all u windows fans out there but u need to wise up. windows blows
    for example-constant crashes-doesnt always shutdown(win98)-bugs up the wazoo(ME)slow as hell(XP)
    today my rant is with win98se my favorite of them all but still hated with a passion.
    i load off a fresh install-install the program that CAME WITH THE WIFI CARD yet the program doesnt see the card when it works on my other 2 laptops. windows knows its there but it ses card not found-d-link 650 wireless card- then the gateway solo 1450 has an oddball videocard that i can not find drivers for-not even at www.driverguide.com (recommend driver site, logon is username:driver psswd:all) or gateway or at intel (makes of the video card) and all the gateway site told me was it had an 830M chipset. that was it in the video card section.

    once again sorry winblows fans but I HATE WINDOWS
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    Apr 2003
    I don't hate it but yeah it sucks, im just waiting for my contract with AOL to end so i can order Cable and install Gentoo.

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    Jun 2003
    Heck, I don't install a full linux distro because there are no linux drivers available for my wireless adapter . Having an os without being able to access the internet is sort off useless
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    Oct 2003
    I hate windows for sure, but I still use it because I really like C#. Sure, it's like java and C thrown in a blender, but reflection, VSA, and delegates are all real nice to have. Also, designing GUIs in C# is much easier than in java. But, soon I hope I'll be converting my WinXP box to a RH9/FreeBSD5/WinXP box. However, like el-half said I'm not sure all my hardware is compatible. It's a pickle, for sure.

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    Token drunken Irish guy
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    Sep 2001
    Windows Rocks, that was my vote but it aint worth arguing over here at AO, this is like the ultimate use-Linux site.

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    AO French Antique News Whore
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    Aug 2001
    Windows Rock! Why? Because it'll give me a job as a tech!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    AO Decepticon CXGJarrod's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    I would just like to mention that Windows keeps most of us employed.
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    Token drunken Irish guy
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    Sep 2001
    I just like Windows, my XP has yet to crash and Ive had her at least six months. You can take care of your box and it should be ok. I have no illusions that this is due to the relatively low technical usage my XP gets so ultimately from a home user point of view with a few technical interests Windows is nice.

    From a security point of view perhaps not.

    But you state you dont like XP because it is slow as hell...

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    AO Soccer Mom debwalin's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    I think from a 'general user' standpoint, XP is a good OS. It is easy to use, it is stable, I've never gotten a BSOD, it is as easy to protect as the next OS if you take care to do it, install your updates, check your firewall, update your AV software. Most people who use computers aren't looking for *nix or anything like that, they need a good way to check their email, and dl music. XP provides that, and MS takes advantage of it. When someone makes a better product, and you have to keep in mind here that the definition of 'better' is easy-to-use, extremely accesible, and totally compatible, then Windows will fall out of the forefront. Until that happens, there are going to be unlimited jobs available for MS products and support. "Hating" Windows is just pissing into the wind.

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    Trumpet-Eared Gentoo Freak
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    Jan 2003
    I've never gotten a BSOD
    That is just not possible.

    I have a laptop from work with XP on it ( can't help it ), and when you put it to the test a bit it freaks out, just like any windoze version i ever got. I'm just very very sorry i didn't start with linux earlier.

    ... pissing into the wind.
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