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Thread: DVDR Recording Format Question

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    DVDR Recording Format Question

    I am thinking about getting a DVDR for x-mas, i know there are multiple recording formats, and different drives support different ones. What i could not find though was which ones to look for, in other words what formats are the most popular?

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    Do you mean a DVD "write/re-write"? I have never encountered any compatibility problems with devices that were read only, but I am over here in the UK. As I understand it, there are two basic formats: DVD+ and DVD-

    I bought one recently and got a Sony that supports all formats. There are other manufacturers of multiformats as well.

    As there is no "clear winner" I would suggest that you get one of the multiformat devices. If you have fairly limited usage (like a Zip drive) then get the cheapest and make sure you stock up on media if you chose the loser

    They are not that expensive anyway?


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