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Thread: need for a tutorial

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    need for a tutorial

    i need a tutorial for c socket programing
    please can any one help me,that should be in a downloading

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    use google. on the search box, type in socket programming in C. Then click on SEARCH. hope it helps you.!!!
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    The tutorial posted here is not written by me, and I do not have any information about the author at this time. As far as I can remember it was DLed off Astalavista.com but they're down for the time so I can't check it against that one. I hope this does not infringe with AO pilicies, and if it does, I explicity require for staff to remove it, if they please, alongside my apologies. My knowledge of the rules does not prevent me from doing this, however...

    I hope this helps you out... as said, look on Google for more info.

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