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Thread: ..happy thanksgiving?

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    ..happy thanksgiving?

    Kinda late for thanksgiving.. But here it goes!

    Mr. Johnson always had a nasty habit - he had to cut a
    huge fart every morning. Mrs. Johnson, being sarcastic
    tells Mr. Johnson, "If you keep farting every morning,
    you will fart your guts out!" Mr Johnson responded,
    "Huh, yeah right."

    So Thanksgiving morning, Mrs. Johnson was preparing
    the turkey. As she removed the giblets, she had an evil
    idea -- so she carried on with it... She went upstairs and
    stuffs Mr.Johnson's underwear with the Turkey giblets.

    Predictably, Mr. Johnson woke up with a fart. As he got
    up, he noticed the giblets in his underwear. Scared, he
    ran into the bathroom. In the kitchen, Mrs. Johnson
    giggled as she heard Mr. Johnson screamed. Finally,
    Mr. Johnson came downstairs with a pale white look on
    his face.

    "Honey, you were right! I ended up farting my guts out
    as you predicted!" said Mr. Johnson. He then followed
    up, "But with God's grace and these two fingers, I
    shoved them back in!!"

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    what a nasty guy, fingering himself.
    Im so good in bed, i moan my own name!

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    Umm not to burst your bubble or anything but I already had posted a story like that, granted your post is slightly different but it tells the same story as mine did

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    rofl, thats great. hahahahahahahhahahahhhaahah

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    Originally posted here by Mcvay
    what a nasty guy, fingering himself.
    You never finger your ass???????? Oh man, it's so much easier than searching for the G spot.
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