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    Not to nit-pick, but he's on dial-up. Is a router really what he needs? A good software based firewall will do the job.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    Death metal, i remember from another thread you listed that you have about 3 AV's and 2 Firewalls, Norton persoanl and Black ICE or was it ZOnealarm, if i recall correctly. I know you so i just think you want to start a new threa to get your post count up or to get some AP's. And also you could have started a new thread and asked for a good AV and a good firewall and not two seperate threads.

    depend what you think is the best. I've seen a thread by v_Ln that says that Zonealarm sucks but then i saw posts saying that Zonealarm is the best also the same with NAV. It all depend how much an AV software will give you problems and what you think of it.

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    Zone Alarm and NAV really do suck, I had a thread why ZA sucks a long time ago but surely dont need to resurrect it.

    Sygate will solves your problems.

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    Here's a good link w/ pros and cons of some common firewalls

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    I use the firewall that comes with McAfee software. I've had good luck with it. It's only 14 or 15 USD to renew too. This time of year, you can get a good deal at the differnt stores.


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    Opps wrong thread, damn IE2 and its multi tabbing ways.

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