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Thread: An Outlook question

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    An Outlook question

    On some outlook 2k clients attachments appear on the bottom in a separate window. On others they appear on the top in the body.

    Does anybody know why or how to set this?

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    Why do Microsoft Outlook 2000 attachments appear at the bottom?


    Microsoft Outlook only places attachments at the bottom pane of an e-mail when the message is in HTML or Plain text format. If you wish for your attachments to be placed within the body of an e-mail you must be composing an e-mail in Rich Text Format. To change the format of your Microsoft Outlook e-mails follow the below steps.

    Open Microsoft Outlook.
    Click Tools and then Options.
    Click the Mail Format tab.
    Click the down arrow on Send in this message format and select Microsoft Outlook Rich Text
    Found here: ComputerHope.com

    I always wondered as well. I use Outlook XP and I prefer the attachments to be listed in the "attachments" box under the subject line. I always wondered why occasionally they would appear in the body of the message instead.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks for answering that question. I have wondered that too.

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to "force" the client to view email in a certain format. (pre XP)

    Meaning... if someone sends in html, you have to view in html.

    I can't find any "converters" or any way to force the mail to be read in rich text or plain text.

    There are some third party apps that claim to be able to do that... but I don't think its worth paying for.

    If you are using Outlook XP sp1, then you can force it... but it doesn't work on any other versions prior to XP sp1.


    If you are using Office XP SR1 update (does not work on earlier builds), you now have the ability to force all incoming messages to be displayed as plain text in both the preview pane and opened message form. This is done with a registry key that stops the HTML engine from rendering the content.

    Unlike other utilities, such as zapHTML or WYB, the message is not actually concevted to plain text (or RTF) and if you want to see it in HTML format, you can either remove the key or view it on another computer.

    The key is:



    Now all messages will be displayed as plain text.
    You can certainly change your clients in house to send email in plain text insteat of html or rich text... but you loose some formatting features.
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