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Thread: snort warnings

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    snort warnings

    I found these warnings in the snort reports:

    Dec 2 17:04:42 gateway snort: [116:46:1] (snort_decoder) WARNING: TCP Data Offset is less than 5! {TCP} 210.95.x.y:0 -> 217.228.u.v:0
    Dec 2 17:04:45 gateway snort: [116:46:1] (snort_decoder) WARNING: TCP Header length exceeds packet length! {TCP} 210.95.x.y:0 -> 217.228.u.v:0
    Is someone able to explain ?
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    It was doing sanity checking on the packet and found that it didn't add up. Possible that snort made a mistake, but more likely the person was trying to send specially crafted traffic (either heavily fragmenting to try to avoid IDS detection, or possibly to try to crash the TCP/IP stack on the victim machine).

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    This might help and you might want to read this too, It's not all to do with this alert but it is an interesting read.
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