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Thread: How to act to newbies.

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    Token drunken Irish guy
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    Sep 2001

    How to act to newbies.

    This thread has come out of an idea entertained in this thread.

    Basically it is a thread aimed at junior as well as senior members.

    It's reason, the way newbies are treated here at AntiOnline. You gotta admit sometimes we are a little hasty in the way we act to a first time poster, perhaps they deserve it but we should always give them another chance. So here are a few guidelines, hardly rules disobey these and you wont get banned or anything its just to improve the general community spirit about the place.

    Ok so here we go.

    1. If you see a post that has been posted in the wrong forum, dont reply telling the guy let a moderator know who can actually do something about it. It wont take too much of your time and the newb will soon realise that they have posted in the wrong forum. Of course maybe if one person replies and informs the newbie its no harm but sometimes we get overworked and some people even get negged for this.

    Look at the amount of forums we have, it can be daunting and confusing so cut these guys some slack.

    2. If a newbie posts something that is completely wrong to the idea of the forum, lets say something about hacking hotmail take time to cool off. We all know its annoying, but we can easily the set the guy off in the right direction if we simply inform them that what their doing is wrong or that a different forum might suit. This solves the problem the user will either move on thus leaving us alone or render his/her way and thus enhance the community and make one less script kiddie. Isnt that better than just negging them and calling them a hax0r etc.

    Basically in these situations I'd call for tolerence especially as a lot of the time people reply and threads like this remain at the top and poor ol' mods like me have to close the damn things whereas by the tactic outlined above the problem elimanates itself.

    3. Flaming! Flaming is useless, it serves no purpose and only scares new people away. This place can be daunting and if somebody who wants to learn is scared off because they posted an irrelevant question or maybe said something a little stupid then thats a loss for us as well as them. Flaming lessens the quality of posts and the quality of people. Many good people leave at the start, what would have happened if MsMittens had of joined and got flamed and then decided this place wasnt for her, imagine that for a loss, let a lesson be learned.

    4. Please dont reply to most questions with either 'Go to google dumbass' or 'this has been answered before dumbass do a search'. Anybody can do that, try your best to provide some knowledge, if somebody asks a really really obvious question than perhaps this is the best way to go but some people seem to think that sharing knowledge means linking to google.

    5. Be nice to newbs, we were all newbs once you know!

    Ok just some little guidelines, didnt go mad but if anybody has some updates let me know. I'm always one for editing and updating. Pm if ya do.


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    Jul 2002
    I highly dissagree with #2... To me saying boo hoo its wrong, is useless. I mean do you think these peaple just wake up one day and say to themselves gee what I do is so good... it could be compaired with everything holy, maybe even be compaired to Jesus Christ himself.

    What I really hate with #3 is yeah... now some peaple say im not a nice guy but I also give advice... the words that are in the middle of that aren't always ethical. But then agian thats just me. But whats worse is when peaple green randomly for it... as if I still care about it or have anything else to gain AP wise.

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    AntiOnline Senior Member souleman's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    Flint, MI
    I like the list... one other thing to add though....

    If you see someone has already gotten negative points for a thread, don't continue to neg them to death.

    Half the time I don't even look at a lost of the newbie threads cause I get so sick of seeing people say... "check google" and all the swearing and other BS that goes on. The threads have gotten lame because even when someone does help, there is so much other BS that happens that it distracts from the thread. And btw...have you used google lately? they did some "tweaking" of their search engine or something and its not nearly as good as it used to be. I tried searching for a company in Saginaw michigan that I know has a web site and never found it. Got lots of other crap though. And lord only knows how many porn sites.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    Flash M0nkey
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    Sep 2001
    this is something I have been saying for a while now

    just take a look for the 2 social experiments (can be found in addicts)

    people can be very harsh towards newbies when sometimes all that is needed is a lil guidance and a push in the right direction. I def think there should be a new forum for the really n00b questions - where aps dont count at all so they can post without threat of being neg'd for it


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    Apr 2003
    I think we need to give them like 10 posts without negging them, if they post bullshit after 10 posts heg them to hell, if the improve their opinion about hacking and cracking and improve their questions and posts then we should welcome them to AO. Or maybe it should be like when you join that the first 10 posts don't count so we can see if somebody is going to continues bullshit when he posts after 10 posts.

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    Aug 2002
    Yes, I fully advocate being nice to us n00bs .

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    Jun 2003
    I tell you what, if thay dont pm me asking retarded questions and dont continuesly do a irish, post bull and create a stur ect then i will leave them alone.


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    Jul 2003
    Thanks Nightfalls girl! A round for all our senior members here! :-)
    What do you get when you cross a nun and a penguin?
    An operating system that won\'t go down on you.

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    Jul 2002
    I dissagree with that MemorY, just look at irishassasin AKA... oh aww **** what alot of names. Not to mention all the other *******s that have come by here. It'll just become something new for peaple to abuse. Anyways with irishkid AKA whatever... I mean here is a guy who would C&P jokes in tech humor then post them in about 10 threads just so he would have enought green to flame peaple without being completely banned. Then he also had a bunch of the MODs close threads for him before he got neg for it.

    From what I remember he would survive for weeks by playing the role of the so called "Poor old newbie". Look back in time for a moment... I don't remember peaple babying each other nearly as much back when I was new.

    If its such a real burdon, if pretending to be nice around peaple and ****ing kissing noob ass is really needed around here... then why the hell do they even bother comeing back in the first place?

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    AO Soccer Mom debwalin's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    I think it's fairly clear to see that what Ennis suggests is merely common sense.

    If you've taken the time to read the thread, and are going to take the time to reply "Go check google"...go check for them, list them a link or two, then suggest that google is a good place to look. I do this pretty often, and I get a lot of nice PM's from it. People here are no different than people anywhere else. The net is an unnerving place, and when you're attempting to learn anything as daunting as computers, give people a chance. A lot of you bitch on one hand about people who don't know anything about anything, and then as soon as they try to learn, you jump square in their asses for not doing it the way you want them to do it.

    And Specialist, there are no words for you. You are really an idiot sometimes. Why don't you take up a hobby like jogging and see if you can get some of that aggression out instead of bullying behind a computer monitor. You don't impress us.
    Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

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