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Thread: Virus or Hoax

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    I wrote a virus that flushes your toilets and drinks all your orange juice. True story, wrote it in VB...

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    Oxygen, You could also check Symantec's list of hoax e-mails as a precaution. It's not a means to all ends but, it's a start. Good Luck.

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    Originally posted here by Soda_Popinsky
    I wrote a virus that flushes your toilets and drinks all your orange juice. True story, wrote it in VB...
    wrote it in VB... ......Don't you mean V8.
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    yes SirDice...its does say to send it to everyone in the add book.......

    I have never heard of any virus that will affect your comp by just adding a user to the buddy list......so just wanted to make sure with you guys.......

    Thanks for all the replies ......

    well nihil......i finished my beers after ur heads up....... so i think m safe in that area......:-)

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    You really must STOP reading Ali1's "tutorials".........hey you have kicked the "beer", "bourbon", the "coke" the "snow".....drive by's and all that fun.

    Don't flush the toilets! we spent a lot of money on that environmentally unsound coloured stuff in there!

    Hang in with the main crowd huh?


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    Check any of the Standard Hoax sites:

    Virus Hoaxes
    Urban Legends

    or check the AV companies listed here
    And What are the current threats? Same Site

    Oh and if all else fails www.google.com


    As for virii that force "Spin Cycle of Death" Did exist in the pre 640Mb days (only some brands of drive.. not sure now it may have even been pre IDE)..
    Malware that Cleans your HDD..Well how about some of the oldies, chernobyl virii.. a format wasn't a cure for this one.. it didn't clean the drive.. but it was a pain in the arse. Forget some of the others , but any script kiddy site will give you a tutorial on scripts and code to re-write the partition table and the MBR on DOS/Windaz systems..
    Even as recentlly as pre SP1 for xp you could delete selected Folders or files on a users computer just with a URL.. But delete was one of the reported functions..

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    I find it amusing that people don't think a virus can wipe your hard drive..
    #1 not all virus' are written to get open security holes, certain malicious individuals just want to make my life difficult (Ever told an already PO'd customer his data is irretrevable unless he wants to pay upwards of $80 an hour to get it done.)
    #2 it can be done therefore people will for it, jesus even a script could do it... I remember the old day's of IRC there was a rumour about it, dun know if it was true but in theory it could be done..

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