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The RIAA has drawn the scorn of legions of Internet denizens in recent years for its stance on Internet radio broadcast fees and peer-to-peer networking. The organization became infamous to millions of users after filing an injunction against the popular free music-swapping program, Napster.
But even if and when the organization does find out what happened, RIAA spokesman Jonathan Lamy told he wouldn't issue any information about the defacement.
"All I can tell you is there's a problem with our site that we are fixing," Lamy said. "It should be back up shortly."
Only the home page was defaced, as far as officals can tell, though the links pointed to existing Web pages. The defaced site featured such tidbits as "Inside the RIAA with Eric Cartman" -- the best-known character from the irreverent Comedy Central cartoon "South Park" -- and "Piracy can be beneficial to the music industry" -- an acerbic touch flung in the face of the biggest opponent to digital music piracy.
Also, a link entitled "Where can I find information on giant monkeys?" took readers to the biography page of Hilary Rosen, RIAA chief executive officer.