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Thread: RIAA site defaced by hackers

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    Two things...

    First of all, screw the RIAA.

    Second, y'all have to have noticed Metallica's support of the RIAA, right? Well, in the booklet for one of their albums, they thank some guy for letting them "copy all those records back in the day" or something similar. F#cking hippocrites.

    (didn't this thread die?)
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    Just a question of curiosity. When the RIAA decides to take someone to court and they find that you have 1000 songs or more. Do they only decide to fine you if you only have music of the artist that support them ? Or does it include all music even if the artist[s] doesn't agree with them ? Just wondering

    If the music industry had payed attention to what Napster was doing in the beginning they would own the P2P networks.

    Musicians who refuse change will be left behind ...

    The RIAA should focus on the people who create the software. But of course that would still not stop it why ? Well there is always instant messaging, e-mail , steganograpic tools etc etc ... [ Not that I condon this type of activity ]

    Humm musicians loosing money : concerts , advertisemensts , products humm lets add that up ... dont think so ...

    I have friends who download music of the internet and it is not of excellent quality in my opinion it's just ok. Unlike what most people would like to make you believe.
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    web defacment i dont agree with as its just lame but when the RIAA says that p2p is causing a decress in record sales thats just BS

    ok singles sales have dropped but albumn sales are up - if i like a song i have heard by someone i might download another if i like 2 i'll prolly go buy the albumn like most people I will not however pay 5 for a single thats ridiculous - an albumn of like 12/14 tracks costs 8/12 and they wanna charge you 5 for a cd with like 2 tracks on it - dont think so

    plus i think the reason for the biggest drop in slaes is not the use of p2p software - is just cause all the music these days is a load of sh1te

    come on is there ever a week when some manufactured popstars/fame acadamy or other crappy band are not in the charts?? ffs the only bands/people to have more number 1 hits in the uk than westlife is elvis and the beatles - and westlife is no-where near the same league as either of them

    RIAA - and also their counterpart in the UK should stop spending so much money trying to prosecute 12yr old girls and start investing the money in finding some true musicians who can write & perform their own music


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