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Thread: NAFTA 10 years later

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    NAFTA 10 years later

    Many folks here probably don't remember a little trade agreement called NAFTA. The premise was simple - create jobs.

    10 years later, we're now seeing what NAFTA really has done. Aside from killing manufacturing in the U.S., it now has eaten into the IT industry. Last year 3.5 million work VISAs were issued to non U.S. citizens. On top of that, NAFTA has allowed companies to outsource IT work to countries such as Mexico, India and China.

    Well what's all this have to do with you? 1 in 6 IT jobs has been eliminated or moved overseas because of NAFTA. This creates a tremendous surplus of IT professionals competing for a very small amount of jobs.

    If you are in College and are about to go searching for IT work, don't be discouraged when you are out of work a year later. You are among millions of other qualified candidates who are feeling the effects of what people like myself said would happen if NAFTA ever made it into law.

    <rant over>
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    NAFTA is a good thing. If a few lazy ass americans lose their jobs
    because mexicans work harder and do better work, too F***ing bad.

    protectionism is, at heart, an act of aggression. It's an attempt by politicians to gain advantage for their friends and themselves by forcefully interfering in voluntary transactions between some of their subjects and willing sellers overseas.

    In a remarkable speech to the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Richard M. Ebeling, a professor of economics at Hillsdale College, said of free trade that "[i]t requires the conviction that the moral condition of individual men and mankind as a whole is fostered the most when people acquire the things of the world that they desire by peaceful exchange rather than by theft and plunder.

    You have to compete for a high paying job. It's not your birthright
    for being an American. Welcome to the real world.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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