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Thread: Firewall second computer

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    Firewall second computer

    Ok heres what it is i have to computers my Main one and my 2nd one, what i want to do is make my second one act as a firewall when i am on the net with my Main one ,could anyone one help me with how to do this

    The second one does not have a modem but they are both connected threw my LAN network ,i connect to the internet threw a dial up connection too.

    Anyone helop

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    What you could do, is install either ipcop or smoothwall. What this does, is it acts a gateway/firewall for your LAN. It is *nix based, and is very secure. Also, the download file is not any bigger than 50MB
    SmoothWall is intended for use by anyone from home users to systems administrators. It can run on virtually any 32-bit Intel or i386-compatible PC from a 486 to an Athlon or Pentium 4, and it enables that PC to become a dedicated firewall appliance, aka a SmoothWall box. Apart from the PC to run SmoothWall on, all that is required is an Internet connection, some simple networking equipment to connect the SmoothWall box to the rest of your private LAN, and the SmoothWall CD image file.

    IPCop implements existing technology, secure programming practices and outstanding new concepts to make it ‘the’ Linux Distribution for protecting single home computers, to large corporate networks from intrusions and attacks. Whether for your home, or SOHO, IPCop will scale to fit your needs. IPCop has even been rumoured to be implemented and protecting larger, more complex networks too.

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    Sorry to state the obvious but:

    The second one does not have a modem but they are both connected threw my LAN network ,i connect to the internet threw a dial up connection too.
    You will need a modem in your firewall box. Ask around before you buy because there can be problems with some winmodem devices and a *nix environment. It might not be quite as simple as just moving the modem from your main machine, unless that is also running *nix?

    EDIT: You also need to check that the modem is supported by the "old" box. I have encountered two recently that refused to work because one wanted a 200Mhz processor and the other wanted a PII (well MMX support actually)

    Just a couple of thoughts to hopefully save you some hassle


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    one thing that i thought should be double checked is whether Cube3k wants his second computer as a standalone firewall/router or whether he wants to have use of both computers and is just planning on sharing the internet connection between them.
    If he just wants his second computer as just a firewall router then i defently second cheyenne1212 on smoothwall, i`ve found it to be very reliable.

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