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Thread: AO Security Discussion Spotlights on EIT - 12.11.03

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    AO Security Discussion Spotlights on EIT - 12.11.03

    It's been a while folks, sorry for the neglect, but between the holidays and all... Excuses aside, here is an update on those in the AO community that have caught the attention of the mothership

    MsMittens crafts yet another great set of tutorials! By the way, if any of you have taken her suggestions and tried some wargaming of your own, we'd love to hear about it!

    FYI, I've just started updating our calendar (1/2004 and beyond) for security-related events. If you're attending an event next year, or are thinking of attending one that you think deserves a mention, feel free to PM me with the event's URL. As a rule, it should be a well-organized event (registration, conference tracks, seminars etc.) related to computer security.

    AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Wargames - December 11, 2003
    Want to test your mettle against hackers? Our resident security professor outlines a challenging activity that helps keep the InfoSec crowd on their toes.

    Before that we spotlighted a VLAN intro by HTRegz.

    AntiOnline Spotlight: VLAN Intro - December 4, 2003
    Setting up a complex network? Discover how VLANs can work in your favor, but not before exploring some security implications.

    AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Ironclad Passwords - November 20, 2003
    More often than not, a weak user password is the only thing standing in the way between an intruder and your company's valuable data. Lay the foundation for a strong password policy with this week's spotlight AO discussion.

    Of Interest:

    Extending the Protected Network Wirelessly - November 28, 2003
    By Vince Barnes
    Adding secure Wi-Fi access to a corporate network need not be complex or costly. Vince Barnes examines an all-in-one device that streamlines wireless security and won't break the budget.

    War Driving No Game to IT Managers - December 5, 2003
    By Sharon Gaudin
    Cruising the streets with a laptop to scan for unsecure wireless connections is one of the latest techie crazes. But the growing popularity of 'war driving' underscores the security problems facing networks that have gone wireless.


    Guardian Digital Security Suite Based on Open Source - December 10, 2003
    The Internet Productivity Suite from Guardian Digital, which builds its security software atop open source code, combines a range of applications within an appliance.

    Brightmail De-spams the Enterprise - December 9, 2003
    Striving to keep corporate inboxes clean, the software maker refreshes its enterprise offering.

    Vormetric Takes Unique Approach to Storage Security - December 9, 2003
    The company revamps its approach to storage security by seeking to solve the problem at the core.

    Aladdin's eSafe 4 Gains Certification - December 8, 2003
    ESafe 4, the gateway-based content security product from Aladdin Knowledge Systems, has obtained Open Platform for Security (Opsec) certification for Check Point Software Technologies' FW-1/VPN-1 Firewall.

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    This is great stuff phernandez, Im starting to enjoy the spotlights. And of course kudos to MsMittens for her great set of..em...tuts...

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