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Viruses that cannot be detected by Any Anti Virus Software!

Hi there.Some days back,there was a robbery at one of my friend's place.But luckily no one was hurt.However the theif did manage to take some jewellery away.They reported in the police and the police did lots of research trying to find who was responsible for that.They found many suspicious people but they couldn't find proof against anyone.My friend's neighbour,lets call him Mr.X,he was very co-operative with the police.He gave police lots of useful information.Also,he was very helpful and supportive to my friend's whole family.He even remain up 3 whole nights to guard my friend's place.Whenever I'd see him,I was like,Oh I wish I could have a neighbour like that.But guess what,a few days back the jewellery stolen was found in Mr X's cupboard.And he was arrested.And now whenever I think about him,I feel like saying "Oh I wish I could never have a neighbour like that!"

So what's the point of telling all that to you?Well,I want you to focus on one thing.Mr.X was the real culprit,but he remained infront of the eyes of everyone and no one thought he was a theif.In other words,no one could detect that he was a theif.

There are also certain viruses that cannot be detected by any anti virus program.Viruses that can cause heaps of damage to your computer but still no one can detect that they are the real culprit.


Visual Basic!

Have you heard of Visual Basic?Visual Basic is a computer programming language.Its used to creare useful software.It can also be used to create games,screensavers,and lots of more things.In this article,I could use the example of any programming language but actually Visual Basic is the easiest one that could be used in this article.Also its my favourite language(programming...language).Now Visual Basic has certain commands that are used to do something with files.Some open files,some write to files,some create files,and some delete files.Now,here's where the game begins!

The "Kill" command

The command which is used to delete the files is called the Kill command.What this command does,is that it deletes the file(s) which it is instructed to delete.For the ones not familiar with Visual Basic,it works like this:
What's happening here is that the file abc.txt found in the folder C:\Abc is being deleted.Any file can be deleted using the above statement in Visual Basic.For example.if we want to delete file xyz.txt found in C:\Xyz then we will use the following statement:


Wildcards are names of file extensions written between *s.For example,the following:

is the wildcard of text files.Wildcards can be used to select only those files who have a certain file extension.For example,the above wildcard will select only the text files.Wildcards can be used with the kill command to delete files having a certain extension.For example:


will delete only the text files from the folder C:\abc.Using wildcards with the kill command means that one kill command will delete multiple files from a folder,instead of one.I mean,that in the command without wildcards,only the file abc.txt or xyz.txt were deleted.However after using the wildcard *.txt*,ALL of the text files were deleted.The wildcard *.* is the most dangerous wildcard because it will delete all the files from a folder regardless of their file extensions.Have a look at the following statement:


This statement will select all files in the folder C:\abc and delete them.

The real idea!

We have seen,from the above examples,that the Kill command deletes files without the user's permission or without informing the user.Now,what some people are doing,is that they are using the file names which are extremely important for a computer,e.g someone might put a statement like:

This statement will delete all the files from the windows folder of the computer.If you already don't know,then the Windows folder is the most important folder of your computer.This folder contains many files that are vital,and I mean vital for your computer.If even one of those files gets deleted then the computer wouldn't be able to even start.Using above statement someone might create a program,and start telling other people its his/her photo or he might start spreading the program on the internet as a free software.No matter what Anti virus software or firewall or whatever you are using,if you scan that file it would be rendered as a harmless file.And then once you open that file,all that's gonna happen is that your Windows folder would get washed up and you'll be deprived of all your important files.In some cases,you might even need to get a new computer!These viruses could be the most deadly viruses ever created!

The moral of the story!

Now,someone might say that I am against Visual Basic.Actually,I am not.In fact Visual Basic is my favourite!My point of writing this whole article is,that something should be done about these harmful commands in programming languages.Visual Basic isn't the only language containing the Kill command.Almost all other programming languages have such commands,even more harmful.They only have different names.Someone might create these harmful viruses and start spreading them.Some people even are doing it.My point of writing this whole article is,that always be careful.Do not open a download file unless you are sure its not a virus.Also,I want the major Anti Virus software companies to consider this serious issue and do something about it.I understand how important these commands are for the programming languages and how badly the programming industry would be affected if they'll be totally banned.There are many good people out here who use these commands.However,the Anti virus programs could be programmed to see if a certain file is accessing the Windows or any other system folders and what it intends to do so that such viruses could be stopped.

One final thought!

My last thought is,that please do NOT use the information given in this article in any way that could be destructive.I understand it sounds thrilling to create viruses and spread them but believe me,it won't give you any benefit.My purpose of writing this article was to let you know what sort of ways could be used to write viruses.And I want you to always think 1000 times whenever you open a file you've downloaded.

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