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Thread: In an attempt at learning

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    In an attempt at learning

    ...anyone care to have a shot at my system? I think it would be interesting and educational if I saw what someone did and learn how it was fixed rather than reading a security tutorial.

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    I am afraid that you will probably not get much of a response to your request.

    1. People will be cautious of any inadvertent or collateral damage they might cause.
    2. It it YOUR system, and your main one I suspect?
    3. Our ISPs may detect such activity, and take a very hard line
    4. We don't actually know who you are.....just who you say you are?

    Might I suggest you search the net for "security tests", "security audits", "vulnerability asessments" and the like. You can usually get at least one free go, and they are trying to sell their product/service? Take the cheese and don't spring the trap, as the wise mouse said


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    Another idea you might try is seeing if you can pick up an old box and a cheap hub somewhere, and set up your own lab......

    It's fine to see what other people are doing when they have a go at your box, but it's better to do it yourself, that way you are learning how to use the tools also.

    Edit: There really is no way around it...you're going to have to read, read, and read some more. And at first, none of it is going to make any sense. But if you keep mucking your way through, sooner or later, bits and pieces will start making sense. Then after awhile, the bits and pieces will start to fit together. I guess it's kind of like a puzzle you never have all the pieces for, and sometimes you get pieces you didn't even know were part of the puzzle.

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    Now it would be funny if someone did actually Say YES pick me i will illegally hack into your Box with or without your permission..
    He'd better hope that No Skid Kiddie saw what he was asking, it'd be a wonderful day for them, and a dreadful day for him when he has to re-install everything..


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    Re: In an attempt at learning

    Originally posted here by strandedthinker
    ...anyone care to have a shot at my system?
    Sure i will have a shot..
    Once you are able to give me proof that it is your system,. i'll happily gain root and trash your box like the little "SCript Kiddie" that i am..
    All those that said differently can just go and suck my ****..!
    What is this place filled with Pussies that ain't got the balls to hack someone's computer and show 'em what's wrong with this guys Box..?
    Yep typical.
    This place is meant to be about helping n00bies..But it's just one big joke.
    The seniors have there own rules, and if they don't like ya then they will neg ya..
    Hey i'm proof of this Theory..

    Now don't get me wrong, i don't hate this site, infact it's helpful. I just don't like the People here, (Seniors that is).
    They think there all tuff and almighty behind there little Green AP's, but get 'em in Irc and there just a bunch of bitch's..
    They say they don't care about AP's..!
    Yep sure heard that line 2 many times in the Addicts Forum,..
    Oops that's right there is a way to gain Access to that Forum, even though i' don't got 275 posts..
    So if your a n00bie and you wanna c what's in there, then sh00t me a Pm and i'll tell ya how to..
    So before i get banned i'd like to say that i'll be back but next time i'm coming after you Negative you FAKE.....!


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    Some one Negg this l00ser for me..


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    I tend to agree with some of what he's saying, although he is a looser

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    Did you even read the previous posts or was your head so far up your ass that you couldnt? Think dumbass...dont get too hasty. Its too easy to crash someone's box but although his reasons might be honest...it needs to be validated. Its idiots like you who get caught hacking. Now please...before your stupid mouth says anything else, read the previous posts and learn...you n00bie script kiddie.

    [edit][gloworange]flame[/gloworange] aimed at Cyrus[/edit]

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    I will just say this, people who are serious about learning security stuff need their own lab, just like groovicus said. Everyone wants to be a hacker, but no one wants to work at it. What the hell is up with that? If you don't understand what is going on and you just run a tool, then you are a TOOL. Besides that makes you a Script Kiddie!

    I checked and I already own that box anyway. Lol, just kidding.
    Sysmin Sys73m47ic
    -The Hacker Pimps
    -Development Team {FuxorWRT}

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    Wants to be a hacker?

    How can you be a hacker without throwing time at it?
    To me, the definition of hacker was someone who is intensly curious and always wants to learn the forbidden information. A hacker is someone who enjoys spending oodles of time reading and learning... Personally I think that a script kiddie is completely unlike a hacker - the only connection they have is that a script kiddie has some of the hacker's control over a technical system, but unlike the hacker the script kiddie is just running programs while only understanding pieces of what they do. A hacker is not by definition doing anything illegal in a free democracy... a script kiddie always is.

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