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    Question Career advice

    I've just recently changed my major to computer programming. I spent 2 1/2 yrs studying in the medical field...then realized that I'm not the most compasionate person out there...lol. I'de much rather be a bit of a hermit and deal with computers...rather than a slew of hypochondriac patients. The program I'm in is just a 2 year programming degree..but it's a start. Can anyone give me some advice as to where to go from there?...like..what kind of certifications are out there..and how to go for them? Also, I would like to know what all kinds of jobs there are for someone who is a computer programmer. If you are a computer programmer and have any helpful info...please let me know. Thanks...
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    I myself am a pred-med student and was kinda faced with the same situation as you only mine was that I didn't wanna work @ Mc D's or something for another 9 years while I was med/resident. So I decided to go into computers for the time being and I spoke with New Horizons and all looked around myself and this is what I decided to take based on what I saw and advice from others as well (Thank you again Ms M).

    CCNA (Which @ the New Horizons tech school you have to have both A+ and Network+ )
    MCSA (I needed an OS related certification and much as I like Linux, I really didn't see that big
    of a need compared to M$ certs. And that was one of the main reasons for this choice
    was so I could make a little $$$)
    Security+ (Seems nobody wants to hire an admin with no definable security exp. Plus this seems
    to be one of the most interesting of all of them to me)

    Thats my path. Ask around and speak with the schools. There is a wealth of info out there.
    Also ask on Unerror IRC. There is a few ppl in there that could help you. Good Luck!!


    Also if u search the forums here you'll find several ppl who have already asked this question and have gotten several responses.
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    The new horizons sugestions would be good if he was looking at beeing a networkadmin not a programmer. I would also advise agenst going to newhorizons, techskills or any other cert place, I worked for both of those, they don't care if you learn anything just as long as you pass the cert test, they are fine if you know what you are doing and just need a littel extra for the cert but useless if you want to know what you are doing.

    If you are truly interested in certs look into the MCSD (microsoft certified system devloper) or the Sun Java cert but companies put a higher preimium on education (see about gettting a BS in CS) and experience (do some internships while you are in school).

    I would also sugest getting on a open source project that is getting or will get some exposure most job interviews for programers want to see code samples, if you can show them work you did that is being used in the real world it will help.

    Don't get into computers to get rich it isn't happening anymore, you will have some dificulty finding your first job, network while you are at school and try and pick a school with a good career center.
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