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    who knows how to upgrade the RAM on my computer without paying much or buying a new computer? I also need more memory because my games are kind of choppy. its not my video card because i just bought a new one. the game i play the most (this might sound kind of stupid) is rollercoaster tycoon.

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    You can buy 128, 256, or 512 depends how much your computer can handle. Open you box and you'll see your old RAM in there and besides that one there will be an empty slot, you'll have two handles \, on each side one, open them put the RAM chip in , close them. Turn on your computer and you'll see you RAM counting from 0 till whatever you have.

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    You can download this program it will show you what is in your system without opening the case

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    nice helping memory that is very true about the RAM 128, 256, or 512 i personally have 128

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    Rams cheap right now, determin the type of ram your system has (if you only have 128 its probably 133 or 100 mhz SDRAM) and pick up a stick or two from pricewatch.com. make sure your machine is unpluged when you insert it, it can only go in in one direction so if you need a hammer to insert it you are putting it in wrong.
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    Check out the article below. It also has some links to RAM checking software that will tell you what type of memory your system needs, (SDRAM, DDR, PC2100, PC2700, etc.)


    Good luck and have fun

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    This should be simple (so even I could handle it? )

    1. What are your motherboard specifications?
    2.What Operating System are you running?
    3. When did you last run scandisk/checkdisk with full physical scan?
    4. When did you last boot into "safe mode" and run defrag?

    Some more info on the rest of your system and the OS would help?


    EDIT: sounds a bit stupid...what I am saying is RAM is relative to environment, and you need balance?

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    You can buy more then 512 sticks, I think you can buy 1 gb sticks too, and there are two, there could buy (There could be more) SDRAM and DDR, DDR is faster than SDRAM, so if you motherboard supports it, I suggest you go with that,
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