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Thread: Two facing charges in spamming operation

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    Two facing charges in spamming operation

    Dunno if this is the right forum for this post.......neways....


    Wonder how they track down these people.........ne views..........?

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    I'd say two ways: a) AOL started logging for certain keywords through their SMTP servers or something along that way b) there is always a trail one way or another. With over 100,000 complaints, I suspect that there would have been some intelligent ones who did some tracing and such.

    In reality, IMHO, there is always a trail to follow. It's just a question of how hard it is to follow and resources available.
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    In reality, IMHO, there is always a trail to follow. It's just a question of how hard it is to follow and resources available
    I agree. If they want you badly enough, they will find you.

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    wow that sux for them guys, but just to prove i guess that your not invincible and you can be caught

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    I hope spammers would think twice now

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    Just think like the IRS guys?

    There is no money in spamming unless someone sells a product? so just find out who is making money (being advertised) and take them into a "quiet corner"

    "Well now my friend, your falsified tax returns for the last x years will get you 10 in the Federal Pen.....perhaps you would like a visit, pick your cell and meet Bubba, your affectionate cell mate?"

    You generally get the information you require?

    I have no idea about your laws, but over here, hiring the spammer is as big or worse a crime than the spamming itself.

    just my 0.02

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    I hope it will actually stand..I would be willing to bet there is some clever lawyer that is willing to represent them pro-bono, just for the opportunity to shoot holes in the new law.

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