I started this tutorial(http://http://www.winprog.org/tutorial/ ->highly recomended tut to newB's) yesterday i finished it today, but i have got some probs,please be kind and look past any STUPID questions that i may ask,and plz help me...

I use DEV-Cpp.

1)I cant get Resource files to work(not even Rc-files that was defined by a built-in wizard)
THIS IS DEV's default new RC-file
#include <windows.h>
When i use the wizard or if i add the code manaully it looks like this(check for errors,plz)
#include <windows.h>
POPUP "&File"
MENUITEM "E&xit",201
POPUP "&Tools"
MENUITEM "&Eneable Toolbar",202
MENUITEM "&Disable Toolbar",203
If i build the resource,no problems found, but as soon as i include it to ANY other code/file
it give this error:
2 c:\mydocu~1\2.cpp
c:\mydocu~1\winprog.rc:3: parse error before `20'
No matter what i use(menus/dialogs/icons..etc) it give this same error.

Does anyone know why??

2nd) How do u know what(data) to put in the parameters of WPARAM and LPARAM??

Can anyone maybe show me how to like just pass a simple "message"(of type char within the SendMessage()-function)as a argument to wparam/lparam, like say , so that when the user clicks on a a submenu item wich then calls WM_COMMAND and here maybe a code that whould pass a string as argument to another WM, to do something like changing a button caption to that string.
I tried doing this using global variable, but it(I) messed up big time.

3rd) What does it mean when the linker gives me an error like : udefined reference to initcommoncontrols@4 (and some other functions does this too)???

4th)Where should i go from here(after i swatted this tut from head to toe)??
Is API better than MFC??

If you read "these words" then i thank you for reading up to this point.....