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    Question Search Engine Techonology

    Greets people.

    I'm trying to investigate how a search engine actually works. I need to know how:
    • It creates its database indexes for documents,
    • The concepts used to retrieve and rank documents
    • The techniques used to match documents with the queries

    And if possible, the difficulties associated with searching the WWW

    I'm googling for it now, but any help or direction from you guys will be a huge help.

    Thanks, guys/gals.
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    try the following search "search engine algorithms"... it will give you a start.

    You might not get any definitive information, because search engine techniques are considered "trade secrets".
    I would be interested in what you come up with though...

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    sounds like a homework assignment.. or school project to me...

    I had posted about google's latest algorithm changes two weeks ago.. and although I certainly am no expert at how they do it, I do think you'd gain some insite from a guy who wrote about google's changes.. maybe.. (if the guy is nice) you could read up on this guy "Barry Lloyd" and possibly, very nicely, ask him some intelligent questions on where to seek such information.

    first, I'd visit this page http://www.searchengineguide.com/lloyd/

    then, I'd go to one of his forums where he's a moderator at, and post something not quite as general as you've outlined it.. (in other words, don't make it look like an assignment..lol)

    good luck.. and as groovicus implied, post your whole paper/findings so we can benifit..

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    It actually is an assignment. :P Was that supposed to be a secret? heh. I'm looking into it now. I'll definitely post my findings though.

    Thanks for the help.
    I blame you cos my mind is not my own, so don't blame me if I trespass in your zone!

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    Read this :
    "Untangling The Web"

    Also give this website a look i recommended it to anyone :

    Search Engine Resources

    This section of Search Engine Watch contains a collection of links relating to different search engine subjects.

    Especially for Search Engine Users

    Search Engine Reviews
    Reviews of search engines and articles that offer a behind-the-scenes look at how they work.

    Search Engine Tutorials
    Links to tutorials, guides, articles and resources to help you use search engines better

    Search Toolbar & Utility Reviews
    Reviews of search toolbars, utilities and other software packages that let you search the web from your desktop or access search engines from your browser.
    Browse the website and you should find out for what you are looking for.

    I hope that this helps you in one way or another ....

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    I found this site/program/type deal today, and it looks nice, I'm thinking of testing it out on Unerror for a bit, and praying it won't kill my system, but it's for Linux, and it's made by the makers of ASPLinux it's called ASPSeek anyways, it's at http://www.aspseek.org/ you might learn something from it if you install it, and look at it's structer or whatever.


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