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Thread: Svc. Pack for XP Ready; What About Win2000?

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    Svc. Pack for XP Ready; What About Win2000?

    Microsoft is expected to roll out a service pack for Windows XP early next week that is chock full of security-related goodies for Windows customers. But customers running Windows 2000 better not hold their breath waiting for a similar package

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    I am not sure I will even download it. I have my box configured now to be as safe as I can be( I hope), and I don't trust M$ not to mess something up....like forcing me to use their firewall.
    I believe I'll wait and see what bugs show up down the road before I jump in and download it.
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    i think they got there wires crossed somewhere
    im on the sp2 beta and it hasnt been rolled out to us yet so it cant be a week away from launch.
    however the winupdate 4 people threw together a security update cd that should be launched pretty soon that was rolled out to beta testers about 2 weeks ago, attached is a screen shot
    its just sp1 + a bunch of hotfix's windows media player 9 and a few other things in a pretty iso about 300 megs at last look, i think they are rolling out in preperation for sp2,
    as for bugs by the time we were done with it they had rolled out 3 new releases
    so it should be pretty good.

    p.s friend just told me that we get the sp2 cds next week, so thats probably what they were refering to

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