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    Question Print Log on Linux (Redhat 9)


    I've encountered a problem with printing on Linux (Redhat 9). I am desperately in need of a solution to my problem. I haven't found any help on google even. and worst of all, i don't get a single page to follow if i enter the search string as "Print Log on Redhat 9" on any search engines. and not to mention that I haven't found help on this problem even on LinuxPrinting.org.

    Actually, I've Linux (Redhat 9) installed on my PC and HP Laserjet 1100 printer attached to it. I have configured my PC to accept print commands from the network from systems running Linux or Windows or Macintosh. I have configured CUPS on it and now it accepts commands and prints correctly.

    Now what I want is that my system (Print Server) should maintain a log of the items like (# of pages printed, user name, computer name or IP, document name, print time) and things like that. This information appears as long as the print job is in the queue, but is lost after that. How can i create the log? Can i capture this temporary information somehow? Is there any temporary (or permanant) file created to store this info?

    Has anyone got any idea about this??? coz only someone who has done it practically can help me out.

    Looking forward to a positive reply......

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    I don't use red hat but , can't you just set syslog (posssibly /etc/syslog.conf) to log printing and then patch together a script to parse the logs and spitout what you want. I would expect there are also many scripts kicking around he net already due to the very basic nature of your needs?
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