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Thread: AOL virus

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    I think you must be having some sort of misunderstanding about my tutorials.They are not unoriginal.And I haven't copied them from anywhere.I wrote them myself.As for the thing that I just wrote a tutorial and now I'm asking for help thing,well I am constantly being told that I should post useful questions.And I just thought I should share one of the cases I receive every day with you.Still if I've done anything wrong then I'm sorry

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    Seems like a case of bad Karma... Something how you come across.

    You have recieved some bloody good advice from a couple in this thread...

    If you wanted to start a descussion on the AOL virii, why did you post it as a help request?
    You posted part of your own answer in your first post.. If the information there was not good why didn you say so? You are copping a bashing because your posts are not meshing..
    I don know jack **** about Virii.. but I do remove a **** load everyday.. How..
    1/RTFM.. I read up about the virii I am dealing with..
    .. Use Google
    .. Use AO search
    .. Use Google
    .. Search Symantec, Panda, Sophos, McAfee, F-Secure, Trend-Micro, Grisoft etc.
    .. Post here
    2/ Give my customers an estimate for the work
    3/ Accept the Cash
    4/ think only a few more days let til Xmas, sip on another lager before returning to step 1


    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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