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Thread: Irc rootkit

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    First of all you dont need a rootkit to understand it, Second why do you want the root kit, and third what no you plan to do with it. I didnt really buy your lame save my ass from negs post. So the only advice to give you is go to google and search and learn and dont ask the community of AO to help you promote your illegal behavior. I would also like to say that if that isnt the intent of your post please make your intent clear before you post the question. If you dont have enough time to write your intent then dont post the question.

    / off the subject \

    Is it just me or have we had alot of either unexplained intent questions or some just plain bad intent questions lately. ohwell maybe im just in a bad mood today and like to question everyone.

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    just get a good antivirus prog/The cleaner for stupid mIRC related trojans and dont worry about it. This thread seems shady....very shady....and mIRC isnt a peer to peer program. :P
    The internet, not just for stalkers and pervs, but for computer geeks too!

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    I agree. Clean your os and don't ask for tools to be a script kiddy. Now pick up your toys and go home and come back another day when you are ready to learn how to help people to secure the machine.

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    get a AV and FW and no viruses...the old ones that is the old viruses and trojans...update your box reguraly

    cause i mean i bet you alot of virus's or hacks that happen to the people in here come from like kazaa or mirc or some other peer to peer thing...
    ways to preotect yaself...
    1. The best one...Don't go there
    2. Like i said get your defense up like AV and FW

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    i have tools, but i that i really wanna know is how can PsExec.exe upload files to an computer? cuz when im rootin i type like this c:/ib/xVz/install.bat Administrator "nick of bot" and when i finnished uploadin files it start an ftp, so i can get access to to computer, so when i filling the bot. its really cool. but im not doin this 4 fun. im doin this 4 to know secrets and stuff... // EDman @ EFnet

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    Post some links 4 win exploits rootkits that will be kind

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