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    Turmoil, this particular trick (alternate data streams) has been in place since Windows NT. Some other sources that might be helpful or add more.

    Microsoft Q188806 Article
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    Hello Everyone and thankyou for your feedback.
    Yay I finally got rid of the red dots.
    Deaflamb thankyou for pointing out that typing mistake.I'm glad people liked this report.For people who want to learn more about NTFS ADS,I wrote another article on it.You can get it for free from my website:
    Thanks again everyone.

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    Nice and easy to comprehend, then I found the link by sysmin770, and now I've really got some reading to do, I am up to speed on encryption techniques and codes, but this is a real big box of tricks I'm getting into now. Advice on site has been of a consistent high quality, with the emphasis on three 'RE's REsearch, REading and REmembering, have printed out copies for my own use, and am starting to gain a really impressive pile of books and notes.
    Wife is not too impressed, but baby loves the marker pens ?? Can honestly say that I have learnt more here in two months, than in the previous couple of years, although at this rate I'll run out of (real) memory pretty soon.
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