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    i dont remember how i got this b4 but im just warning those who have it...
    its pretty easy to destroy. obviously the name is b.exe of the main program file. first of all the little i know about it.... its adware, but its one of the worst you can get. the program is not at all well written, to get rid of it (its in the system folder) just go to DOS and attrib -h -r and then you can delete it. at bootup its automatically started, you can see it in the processes (in task manager) once you get it, you will be getting an assload of popups until you end the process. im not sure how it works, but i was getting a good 20 popups a minute (without any programs running except for earthlink popup blocker)...thats a lot of popups anyways like i said to get rid of it just go to the system folder in DOS and type attrib -h -r and you can then delete it. if you get this, plz take a look at the code as i deleted it without even thinking of looking at it (was tired)

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    hey deimos...do you play starkingdoms by any chance?

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    I can say just:
    Here you can find "b.exe" file for downloading and more info about it what it is
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    gotta love disclamers...buy installing this software you give us full custody of your first born male child
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    Correct me if I am wrong, perhaps I misunderstood something but hasn't it been said previously on AO that Realphx.com was bad to visit? See link below....


    Just checking

    ps Ths link also gives you alittle bit of information on your b.exe issue

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    Ok, Rule #1: If you get one of those little screens that asks you if you want to install a certain companies product Ex:"Gator Corporation" For the love of your system, press NO! Unless you are absolutly sure that you want what it is offering... Rule #2: If you sign up for any online games or newsletters, you may wanna take a peak at the disclaimer and see if they are selling your email address and personal information to every ad agency on the planet! I know what your thinking, "we shouldn't need to do this!" And I believe your right, we shouldn't need to read a 20 page disclaimer just to see if we will be bombarded by pop-ups or not. In my opinion, adware is a sub-level crap that is not better than any other trojan or viri on the net, and should be exterminated as such My 2 cents

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    yea disclaimers are so full of crap sometimes.. but im telling you (it mightve been a huge freak coincidence) that b.exe does not just put a stupid link on your AIM. from the moment i got it until i deleted it i was getting so many popups i could not see the screen... and the moment i deleted it all the popups simply stopped. that might be a cooincidence, but if it is than thats a hell of a big one. disclaimers are pretty funny sometimes tho, heres one that i quote (i found it in a magazine, dont remember which, jsut remember it was really funny) "by downloading xxxxxx.exe you authorize the automatic installation of pornographic related content on your computer. you also agree to be subject to an estimated 15-35 pornographic related popups per minute."

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    Heh, i use Firebird to surf in internet.

    And IE just to check my e-mail's on web so i will not get so much popups and other that can be installed with out i know about it.

    It is good to use alternatives that "can be safe"(becouse thay may not have all what can be needed to install, haha) and don't follow standart.

    Before i used K-Meleon for web, that is good too. This have almost no plugins, haha..
    You can try:
    (Child safe internet)
    It can block popups and more, but it blocks also some pages when you want download somthing.
    But it is not so big problem.
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