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Thread: music downloads are legal

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    Originally posted here by Deimos326
    really, no matter how you look at it the people are always going to find a way around the laws. they obviously did when music sharing started, because at the time if you checked the laws it was actually never stated that ONLINE sharing was illegal. people will always find a way around the laws, and so i really think that even if big sharing software gets beaten, like kazaa and morpheus, that new ones will come up, just with slightly different ways of sharing, so that they can bypass the laws.

    Online sharing has always been illegal, and people haven't found ways around the laws, they've just found ways to avoid being caught. Just because you switched to using Kazaa over Napster doesn't mean that what you were doing became legal because of some loophole in the law, it just meant that it was almost impossible for the record companies to stop you because there were no central servers to shutdown.

    If you download and/or redistribute copyrighted material (and we're not just talking about music here) when you don't have permission to, then you are, by definition, in breach of copyright. New software won't bypass the laws, it will just make it more difficult for you to get caught.
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    Whoohoo, I love Canada! Us and our no RIAA! :-D

    What would "uploading" mean? If I download music from Kazaa, and it downloads to my webroot, would that be considered legal? Or would it be uploading?
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    Jumpin the gun i guess, should be interesting how they justify the steep "tax" on cdrs and the recent levy on mp3 players , should be a VERY tough time for the plaintiff.
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    Originally posted here by MicroBurn
    Whoohoo, I love Canada! Us and our no RIAA! :-D

    What would "uploading" mean? If I download music from Kazaa, and it downloads to my webroot, would that be considered legal? Or would it be uploading?
    No RIAA, but you have the Canadian Recording Industry Association... which is now targeting Canadians!

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    Ah, lumpy. I didn't think anyone had posted this. Suppose I should reread the whole thread before posting...

    BTW: Micro... if people DL it from your server, that would be called uploading. If you have it there for your personal use and nobody downloads it.. then it wouldn't be uploading.
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