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Thread: *nix box Your Grandmother Could Use

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    *nix box Your Grandmother Could Use


    I think this dude is serious.

    Well, two distros means choosing a good boot loader. Which would my grandmother like better, Lilo or Grub? Personally I think Lilo is more straight-forward, but Grub is easier to configure. Since I wasn't sure if grandma Helen planned on getting under the hood of the boot process at all, I decided to install a boot switcher so she could choose between Lilo or Grub each time.

    PS: Im starting on one for my grandmother as we speak just for kicks.


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    wow, some cool grandma you got.

    My grans parents hardly know how to turn on a computer.

    Its fun, theire generation made all of this possible, but the generation that came after them learned about them.
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    I think this dude is serious
    I don't................but I would like to talk to whoever "deals" for him, as the stuff he peddles is obviously top quality?

    IMHO an 89 year old grandmother who is used to an AppleMac running OS7.5 does not need a twin processor box with advanced graphisc and THREE (THREE !!!!!) HDDs.

    The kid is on a self gratifying ego trip......there is no other logical explanation?

    By his own admission, she only uses it for e-mail and a little correspondence. Unless he "gets real" before he has to earn a living, he won't get work.

    I bet she doesn't use it, and sticks with the old Mac she knows and loves......but there again, I have far more experience of old people and Alzheimer's

    Interesting way of wasting $750 though

    EDIT: Just to maintain my paranoid cynic reputation.....the kid knows this, and that Grandma won't want it.....so he got to build himself a toy on Mom's money?


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